The home staging process doesn’t end when the professionals leave. If you’re still living in your staged home (as most people do), it’s important to remember that it’s going to require some expert touch-ups every day to ensure it stays spic-and-span. In this article, we discuss a few cleaning tips that we advise clients to make sure their staged home stays perfect.

Try not to kill the plants

The most neglected part of any cleaning routine is always the beautiful indoor plants. Home stagers will often add some greenery to your home to bring some colour and life into your space. However, this will end up having the opposite effect if you don’t take care of them well. If you have flowers, don’t forget to change out their water supply every few days!

Most indoor plants don’t take a lot to keep them looking fresh and happy—just a spritzing of water daily and some love and care to keep their leaves clear from dust is enough. Also, try not to overwater or man-handle your plants too much. On that end, keeping small, curious hands away from them can be a good idea too, if you can help it!

Get Up 10 Minutes Early

For those whose busy lifestyles mean they can never manage to keep on top of the daily clutter that builds up around the home, this tip is for you.

During the selling process, you could have viewers round to see your property any day of the week. This means you’ve got to keep on top of clutter. Setting your alarm 10 minutes early each day while your home is staged can give you the time you desperately need to do simple things like make the bed, reposition cushions, stack the dishwasher, and straighten up just a little. You’ll be surprised just how much you can achieve in those 10 minutes!

Implement a ‘shoes off’ rule

A homeowner’s nightmare is when people barge inside with muddy shoes. When your home is staged, this fear is amplified to the highest degree as even mildly dusty footprints can mean having to get the vacuum out for the fourth time that day.

Eliminate this fear completely by implementing a ‘shoes off’ rule in your staged home! It can be as easy as putting a little sign up by the front door and reminding your family members to stick to the rule as well. You’ll have one thing less to clean, and you’ll be grateful for the extra peace of mind.

Concentrate on displays

Home stagers always pay extra attention to areas in the house that can showcase a display. From benchtops and surfaces, to open shelves and pantries that viewers are likely to peek inside of.

In your cleaning routine, take extra care around these areas, as they will be staged to perfection. You can ensure your displays are looking pitch-perfect by straightening up vignettes (right angles are key) and keeping clutter away from your shelves. Even though your cupboards are not out in the open, this isn’t an excuse to treat them as miscellaneous storage. Pay attention to keeping even the smallest of drawers clutter-free and organised. This way, you’ll be ready for any surprise viewing!

Don’t cry over spilt milk

Above all, don’t forget that while you still live here, this is your home. Being too cautious and trying to keep everything perfect can be an intense situation. Don’t forget to live life as normally as possible and remember that mess is all part of the daily routine. Just ensure you and your housemates are cleaning up after each other and returning areas to normal after they finish with them. Other than that, you don’t need to be overly stressed about somebody using a knife and fork or making a little bit of a mess with a weekend project.

Looking for a home stager? Call in the professionals

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