A home staged bedroom setting with perfect bedside lights.

The last thing anyone wants in a home is for it to be dark and dreary, which means that good lighting is key to a well-staged home when it comes to Wellington home staging. No matter how many pieces of well curated furniture and great décor you place, if there isn’t the right light in your home, it won’t be enough to a build that environment of comfort that potential buyers are looking for. In today’s blog, we’re going to outline some ways that lighting can help viewers to feel at home in every room of your house.

Light Staging in the Bedroom

Bedrooms are notorious for being completely overlooked in the lighting department. That’s probably because people assume that they are just places for sleep – which requires darkness – and so lighting isn’t a priority. This is definitely not the case! Home viewers need to be able to see themselves being able to relax on a Sunday morning in this bedroom without thinking it’s still the middle of the night. Think of all the time you spend in your bedroom doing mundane tasks – clearing laundry, putting on makeup, getting dressed. Imagine if you had to do any of those tasks in dim light – it doesn’t sound like an easy task, does it?

The light in bedrooms should be as natural as possible, so if you’ve got big windows, make sure they aren’t being covered up by huge drapes or blinds that hide the sun. If your bedroom lacks windows, a statement ceiling pendant in the centre of the room fitted with an LED light can bring enough blue light to the room to make it look sunny and bright. Some softly lit bedside table lights are also great, as they help create an environment that looks cosy to relax in at night.

Light Staging in the Bathroom

Houses are often designed without many windows in bathrooms for privacy reasons, so good lighting here is very important. This is another room in the house that is task oriented – meaning you need to be able to see what you’re doing when you’re in the shower. If a bathroom is dark, it can also feel damp to home viewers, which is an instant turn off to any potential home buyer.

A quick way to add some extra lighting to a dark bathroom when home staging is to install some Hollywood lights around the vanity. For a quick fix, find some that plug directly into the wall. When people walk into the bathroom they will always look straight to the vanity, and good lighting here can really make a bathroom pop.

Light Staging in Hallways

Hallways are a transitional room, and so their lighting needs to be well balanced against the rooms they lead to. You don’t want too much contrast from light to dark when you exit rooms.

At the same time, hallways are hard to light properly because they are usually internal, and so won’t get any natural light. Lightbulbs that line the ceiling of a hallway are great to have, and if your home doesn’t have them, it’s probably worth investing before you sell.

On staircases, efficient lighting solutions include stair lighting that is in behind the floor. Imagine if you had to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, and your staircase had no lights! It’s a regrettably common recipe for disaster. It may be a little harder to detect at a viewing, but any serious home buyer is bound to pick up on it.

Light Staging in Family Areas

This room is typically supposed to be the central welcoming area for anyone who enters your home, so naturally it should be getting the largest amount of light. This area often includes kitchen and dining as well, because in most modern homes are open-plan. Natural light is again important here, but it’s also important to have options for lighting that aren’t too bright for when you’re entertaining at night.

There are some really creative options for staging living room lighting, but it’s important to remember you want it to look as welcoming and as upmarket as possible for potential buyers. If your house has a good outdoor environment coming off the living area, and your open home is on a sunny day, utilise that by opening up the doors to let fresh air sell the house for you.

Otherwise, use as many creative lighting solutions as you can to give the illusion of sunlight – kitchen and dining areas need overhead lighting, pairing these with a standing light or some decorative table lights can be really effective.

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