If you’re staging your home to sell, staging the kids’ bedrooms is just as important as all the rest of the rooms. Why? Because when you’re considering selling your home, you’re selling not just for one person, but opening up your market to family buyers as well—and for the most part, that includes children.

Home staging requires a lot of skill and practice. It revolves around understanding your target market and creating a lifestyle that caters to them. In every room, you have to take into consideration the interests of those who will vacate it.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just the adults who get to decide on their next home purchase. Kids, too, have a say on whether or not their next home is the right fit for them. Today, we share a simple guide on how to stage a kid’s room that perfectly plays between sophistication and fun.
It’s time to put on those kiddie shoes and let our imaginations run free for us to get creative and make their decision-making process much easier!

Props for Tots!

When it comes to kids’ bedrooms, you can easily stage it to their interests by adding some fun props that would appeal to kids. The first rule of thumb when it comes to utilising props is to make sure that they resemble common things kids already possess. In this way, they can better visualise what it’s like staying in that room or living in the home. Keep it simple, but playfully add some flair with fun elements such as wall decals, night light, toys and books to keep every nook and cranny in the room full of excitement in a kid’s mind.

Play area for every taste and space

It wouldn’t be a complete kid’s bedroom without a designated play space. Creating a play space will allow the kids to further imagine themselves owning the room as it creates emotional attachment. Giving them a personalised play space of their own will solidify their connection with the room.

Although this is a play space, remember to still practice decluttering and organising the area—this will keep the space looking ready to sell, and maximise the space for spacious play. Some cute play elements to add to a room could be a small tepee, play kitchen or a place where they can build forts.

Whatever you may have in mind for their play space, keep in mind to design an area that will speak and resonate to them and will allow them to unleash their creativity without the fear of clutter!

Boy’s room? Girl’s room? Make it gender-neutral!

Decorating for one gender can be a little limiting, especially when you want to cater to all genders. You may want to steer clear from having the room decorated in one colour, as colour is a huge signifier of gender and can close off your market. Keep your décor, toys and all elements in gender-neutral colours—or utilise all the colours of the rainbow if you’re feeling bold. Pastels work really well for a kid’s room, and colours like yellow, green and orange are nice and neutral.

There are tons of ways to up your game in décor without decorating exclusively to one gender. Finding décor that has fun patterns in geometric shapes, animals or other neutral characters can be incredibly effective. Remember you don’t have to decorate every element of the room with colour, you can take advantage of using neutral space to place white, grey and beige tones without it looking too ‘adult’.

Personality is everything!

One of the most important reasons why staging exists is to create rooms that have a distinct personality to them. Adding personality to your kid’s bedroom is a sure-fire way to give them a reason to want to have your home. It’s all about capitalising on elements of comfort, safety, and fun and applying design techniques that will make kids calm, relaxed, and happy. This can be as simple as choosing the right colour pallete or choosing fluffy bed covers, the colour and design of their studying desks and chairs, or even the wardrobe.

At the same time, remember not to go overboard by sticking to specific kid-themed rooms—on the off chance that you create a pirate-themed room and your sellers’ kids are afraid of pirates! Although this is only temporary staging, kids aren’t so good at understanding the difference. Opt for liveable spaces with playful touches of kid-friendly furniture such as comfy bean bags or decorative light switches that tickle their fancy!

Styling for the whole family

One thing to keep in mind when staging homes is to consider the kids. When you effectively style your home and thoughtfully design and stage the kid’s bedroom, the more likely the whole family will be excited to buy your home. If you can’t do it all on your own, we can help stage your home for you! We are Wellington’s home staging experts and we can get you one step closer to closing a great deal. Get in touch with today to receive a free quote!