Ever worried about the effects a rainy day or rainy week can have on your property sale? We are here for you! Wet spells are a fact of life in New Zealand, so it pays to have a plan in place for home staging in Wellington when the weather isn’t ideal. There are plenty of ways to optimise your home in rainy weather and make it a welcoming and enchanting prospect for any buyer. Read and enjoy our top home staging tips for your rainy day viewing below.

1. Make it Bright and Welcoming

A well-lit home is key for any home staging. Unfortunately, the dark and cloudy skies of rainy days won’t provide the natural light you rely on to brighten your living areas. If that’s the case, don’t worry. You can still brighten your home easily with some additional, well-placed lighting. Turn everything on and leave no corner dark and gloomy. A bright interior will refresh your viewers and allow them to see the full merits that your home provides.

2. Offer a Platter

House hunting is hungry work, and nothing is more enticing than a platter of finger food, snacks, and hot beverages, especially on cold, rainy days. Your viewers will appreciate it and enjoy munching on something delicious while touring your home. Remember, we treasure the comfort of home the most when the weather outside is frightful. A rainy-day viewing is a great opportunity for viewers to envision themselves cuddled up inside.

3. Keep it Clean and Tidy

The last thing you want is for potential buyers and realtors to enter your home tracking mud and water over the clean floorboards or carpet. Make sure to have a designated space at the entrance for viewers to take off their shoes and leave the mud at the door. Another key thing to remember is to put out an umbrella stand for people to use when rushing in from the rain, this will prevent mess and keep things orderly.

If you have a dog who loves the rain, maybe today is not the day to let him bound about in puddles. Muddy paws and a wet dog smell will do your home viewing no favours.

4. Add a Sense of Warmth

If it’s cold and dreary outside, light a crackling, cosy fire in the hearth if possible or make sure your heating system is set at a good temperature. You can also bring a feeling of warmth into your home with candles and oil diffusers to release a pleasant fragrance and a more natural glow. Baking cakes, muffins, or bread also gives a home a welcoming feeling and will have your viewers imagining what it would be like coming home to their own fresh delicacies.

5. Patio and Garden

If you have a beautiful garden or leisure space outside that you love relaxing in, it can feel disappointing on rainy days when you can’t show off its full potential to buyers. Nevertheless, the main thing you can do for your outside space on a rainy day is to keep it clean and presentable. Be sure to take any cushions or blankets inside to prevent water damage and remove any unnecessary items that are strewn across the area as well. If you arrange it simply but intentionally, you can still show the promise and potential of a well-loved space.

6. Check for Leaks and Clean Out Gutters

It’s always hard to prepare for the unexpected—like rainy weather—but there are a few things we can do to ready ourselves and our home. Before your viewings, be sure to clean out the gutters and make sure there are no leaks to worry about on the day. Don’t let forgotten leaks and clogged gutters dampen your buyer’s interest.

No Matter the Weather

We wish you all the best for your home viewing! Did you find these tips useful? For more advice from Home Staged, explore our blogs and, if you’re looking for professional help with your home staging efforts, feel free to contact us today.