Just like you would never neglect your skincare routine or pass up the opportunity to treat yourself to facial, your home deserves the same kind of treatment in order to stay as youthful as you! Staging your home and making it look younger, luckily, is a much easier job than you think! Here are our top self-care tips for treating your home!

Strip Away Unwanted Blemishes

As we grow accustomed to having all the space of our own, private home, we can so easily fall into some bad habits. Whether you actively do it or it just accumulates over time, we are all guilty of hoarding clutter over the years. If you want to live in a space full of youth and liveliness, the first thing you have to do is rip off that pore-strip and get rid of all the items around the house that you no longer use.

From paperweights you received as a gift 20 years ago to old calendars, magazines and toys that the kids are too old for. We all tend to accumulate random stuff—it’s all part of living—but these items can become blemishes on an interior in the blink of an eye!

Brighten up those Dull Tones

Drab, dull tones can make any interior show its age prematurely. Think of your grandma’s house, with the same floral couch and beige carpeting she’s probably had for half her life. If your home is starting to take on those similar shades of beige, that can be a sure-fire sign of age.

Treat your interior to a facelift by adding pops of bright, bold colours in areas that would otherwise be neglected. Colour can really bring a space to life when used well. To start off, try to stick to a small palette of colours or even choose just one, and decide on a few accessories such as a bold throw or a selection of cushions to colourise so that you don’t overpower the white space.

Illuminate Your Features

Your home can never live up to its potential youth unless you illuminate it in the correct lighting. Just like a good selfie, natural lighting is the best! Utilise windows in bedrooms and communal areas by wiping away the dust they’ve collected and removing thick curtains or blinds that are hiding the light during valuable daytime hours.

If your home doesn’t get enough natural light, illuminate it from within by installing effective lighting fixtures. Warm-toned, softer lighting is great for mood lighting in places such as bedrooms, whereas to make a communal area seem large and spacious opt for white lighting that replicates natural light.

Soften Cracks and Crevices

Wrinkles are the number one sign of age, and your house does not want those. Smooth your cracks and crevices with a good primer—a paint primer that is—as your interiors are going to need a fresh coat of paint! A lot of old homes in New Zealand are strewn with ancient wallpapers that haven’t aged well. If you have the time, there’s always going to be benefits of refreshing your home’s paint job, and it can make a great weekend project!

Choose your paint colours carefully, as you want to choose options that will be timeless. Neutral, light grey or white tones can be a safe option. If you want to add colour, it’s probably best not to use bold paint straight onto the wall. Your walls can act as a blank canvas for you to add colours in the form of wall art or accessories.

Add Some Avant-Garde Final Touches

Being young is all about being creative in the now, so once you’ve laid the foundations for the perfectly youthful home, now’s the time to do just that. Look at some contemporary, graphic-printed accessories to add another element to your home. Try a piece of modern art, or a graphic rug. The more unique and contemporary it is, the more youthful the space is bound to look.

These unconventional accessories or art pieces can act as a focus point for anyone who walks into the room, so remember to be subtle and not overwhelm a space. Remember: there should always be highlights and lowlights, and a solid base tone should be shining through as well.

Give Your Home a Spa Day with Home Staged

At Home Staged, it’s our job to give your home the facelift it deserves before you decide to sell. Staging your home can make it look a whole decade younger and more. To find out more about our services, talk to the best Wellington home staging team today.