Soft Furnishings 101: How Do Home Stagers Do Cushions?

Cushion arrangement is an art form of its own. Walking into any space that is decorated with perfectly arranged cushions can have a subtle yet tangible effect on someone’s perception of the space. After all, cushions are no strangers to a cosy, welcoming home. And without them, a space would seem bare, empty, and cold. This makes cushion arranging integral to any space that you’re staging.

Today, we aim to teach you the basics of cushion arranging and help you uncover the extent of this simple decorating task’s effect on selling your home.

How to Choose Cushions

Of course, you can’t start to arrange cushions without first picking out the perfect ones! When you pick cushions for arranging in a staged home, it’s not so much about what your favourite colours and patterns are, but what enhances the space’s appearance the most.

When picking cushions, choose ones that complement the colours and textures of the surrounding elements of the space, e.g. the couch, bedspread, wooden elements or even the wallpaper. For example, find warm-toned cushions if you have colours such as beige or warm woods, or cool-toned pieces if you have blue or grey elements in your space.

Additionally, it’s good to choose a range of different designs that have similar elements. For example, a range of beige cushions in slightly different shades and textures create a cohesive yet dynamic look. Having one contrasting colour in your collection of cushions can also add another element of excitement to your space.

Cushion Arrangement Methods

There are lots of ways to arrange cushions, and it’s much simpler to achieve than it may seem! Check out our Gallery to view different cushion arrangement methods in action, or read on below for detailed guides.

Central Cushion Arrangements

To achieve a polished symmetrical look that features a central piece, start by creating a base cushion layer at the outer corners. These cushions should contrast the sofa and be much lighter or darker. Next, add layers inwardly that have a pop of colour, with matching cushions on each side. Place feature cushions one row back from the front. Lastly, place the central and most outward cushion neatly in front, making sure its colour contrasts the cushions next to it.

Mirror Arrangements

For longer sofas, a duo or trio of mirroring cushions create a sense of balance and cohesion. Take two sets of cushions and arrange them in pairs or groups of three on either side of a sofa.

Statement Cushions

A single cushion that features a unique pattern, fabric or colour scheme can make a statement on its own, especially on furniture pieces like a corner armchair or on top of a bed. Alternatively, you can place a statement cushion in front of a plain, block-colour cushion to make it pop.

Themed Arrangements

Ultimately, the way you arrange your cushions can be a reflection of the overall vibe of your space. For example, a bohemian space could have an asymmetric arrangement of three or five eclectic cushions placed unevenly at each side of the couch. A minimalist space may only include two, carefully primped and primed plain cushions evenly spaced across the surface.

What message do your cushions portray?

Cushion arranging can convey an array of messages to anyone who visits your home. A staged home wants to say to potential buyers that this home is ‘perfect’ for them, i.e. the buyer. Therefore, you must stage the home in a way that will appeal to the target market, not necessarily to you.

For example, if your home is in a higher price bracket, choose and arrange your cushions to reflect the people buying in that price bracket. If your home is being sold as a relaxed, affordable home, arrange your cushions in a more relaxed manner to match.

Why all the fuss about cushions?

Just like any other form of marketing, home staging works to subtly and indirectly associate a home with something that you can relate to and associate yourself with. Arranging cushions is just one element of many that home stagers use to create an atmosphere that feels ‘right’ for buyers. You may not pay attention to cushions specifically, but you pay attention to the space as a whole and you attach yourself to the atmosphere that staging creates. Without cushions, a huge element of that atmosphere would be missing!

More than just the cushions with Home Staged

At Home Staged, we’re a Wellington home staging company that pays attention to details like cushions right throughout each home we stage, helping you enjoy and relax throughout the often-stressful process of selling your home. If you’re looking for a professional home stager to transform your home into something that sells, get in touch with us today!