Row of trees in front of colourful houses in the sun

4 Home Staging Tips to Help You Sell in the Summer

Thinking of selling your home in the summer months? There are some unique challenges the summer real estate market brings – but it is also a great time to showcase certain elements of your home. Along with the sun comes an increased amount of time spent outdoors. Buyers will be looking at gardens, patios and porches, as well as factors like indoor-outdoor flow and how cool the house is inside.
So, what can you do to help achieve your sale? Today we will be examining 4 tips that can help you achieve your sale target when it starts to heat up.

1. Keep it cool

Summer in New Zealand is hot and sticky – so it is critical that your home provides relief. No one wants to be walking through a stuffy, overheated home. Instead, your home should provide respite from the heat – and that needs to be communicated to the potential buyers. So, leave windows and doors open, or run the heat pump if you have one.

2. Stage the outside

Our gardens and patios take centre stage in summer months. As the mercury rises, we head outdoors, enjoying BBQs on the back lawn, or books in the shade. So, when buyers come to the open home in summer, it is understandable that they’ll be picturing how your outdoor spaces could serve their life.
As a seller you can make the most of your outdoor spaces when you stage it appropriately. That may begin with general housekeeping. For example, if you have a large back or front yard, making sure it is regularly mown, is vital.
Don’t be afraid to bring in things like outdoor furniture that complements your home, BBQs and even outdoor potted plants. The aim should be to make your outdoor space appear liveable, vibrant and welcoming.

3. Focus on the view from the street

You may be noticing a theme here – when it comes to summer, staging, and selling your home, it is about maximising the view from outdoors.
So, think about how buyers will first see your home from the street. What are your first impressions? Is the lawn in dire need of a mow? Has weeding long overdue? We know that buyers often decide from the moment they see your home from the curb – and this is especially true in summer, where they will be spending more time outdoors.

4. Use summer accents around the home

Undertaking a full or partial home staging allows you to tailor your interior for the seasons. When the sun comes out, think in vibrant accents and neutrals that brighten a space. While winter is a time for warm, deep colours in thick fabrics like velvet and wool, cottons and linens make more sense for summer. Extend your thinking to accessories as well – floral vases and botanicals are always a great touch.

Thinking of selling this summer?

Talk to the experts at HomeStaged. Home staging can make a vital difference in the sale price of your home, so partial and full home staging is worth considering. We understand that summer can be a tricky time to sell – but with our years of experience, we know how to make your home stand out.