A painting of a cow in a Home Staged space


Art, when used effectively, has a trans-formative power in any staged space. Art comes in many different shapes and forms, and it can change a space almost any way you want depending on the piece. In this article, we’ll discuss the effect different pieces of art can have on a space, and how you can utilise art pieces in any home staging job.

Display something thought-provoking

Original art and unique pieces of art can be incredibly thought-provoking for viewers. Art, used in this way, is like planting a seed of thought for viewers to gaze over and then let it grow in their minds as they walk away. Art has the power to keep viewers thinking about it for long periods of time.

Take the Mona Lisa for example – even today people are still wondering what it was that made her smile in such a way, centuries after the model even lived. Although you likely won’t have the Mona Lisa in your home, there are many pieces of art out there that can still have the same effect.

A piece of abstract or impressionist modern art can have thought provoking power. Many viewers may just simply walk past and let it catch their eye, but as they carry about their day afterwards, the art – and along with it, your home, will stay in their mind.

We are fortunate here in New Zealand in that original, unique art is very easy to come by, so talk to your home stager about taking advantage of this technique in your next Wellington home staging job.

Direct your viewers eye

People are naturally drawn to art that is interesting and different. Whether it be an unusual shape, a contrasting colour, or a unique style. When staging a space, it is important to remember that the most intriguing elements of the space will draw the viewers eyes the most. This can be used to a home stagers’ advantage. While it is important to make sure the art you use fits within a space, there is a lot of freedom to find a piece that is out of the ordinary and eye catching.

Having focal points to direct your viewers eye is incredibly important when home staging. The composition of each room should lead people around your home in the precise way you want them to go. This will guide their line of sight so that they see what you want them to see, instead of noticing any flaws in a space.

Add character and charm

Art is also transformative in the way that it brings character and charm to a space. As much as decorating with homewares on their own can give a space personality, the real character comes from the art that is inserted into the space alongside it. Think about it this way: a minimalist home lacks any art or decoration of any kind. That style in turn creates a cold, harsh personality, lacking charm. When staging a home, home stagers will rarely look to a minimalist style. They will instead look at bright and friendly styles that give a home the character and charm it needs in order to feel like a home. Art is a big part of this.

Art has more power than any other piece of design to evoke character in a space. This is because art in itself is a composition that is framed within its form – whether that be a canvas, a freestanding sculpture, or any other form.

Create any mood with art

Art is extremely important as it can create any mood within a space. The size, style and colours of a piece of art all work in harmony to evoke emotion and feeling within the space it sits within.

An oversized, large piece of wall art can create drama in a space and make it seem extravagant. A collage of smaller art pieces can create a feeling of love and friendliness. Deep, rich coloured art can make a space seem moody, while bright colours can give off a bubbly, or bold mood. Pastels are neutral and also make the viewer feel content and at peace.

The mood you want to create in a staged home is usually one that a large audience can relate to. Of course, this depends on the home, and there can always be extenuating circumstances. Art has a huge impact on the mood of a space, and so you want to curate your art very carefully when using it for staging.

Let us help you curate your space

At Home Staged, it’s our job to present your home in a way that people will feel welcomed by. We understand the huge impact that art has towards creating spaces that will sell, so if you’re selling a home, talk to us today to see how we can help with your staging needs.