home staging to sell your house

4 areas of your Wellington home improved by home staging

It’s fairly well known how crucial home staging is for areas such as lounges and living spaces – often people will opt to just have their home partially staged focussing on these areas – but when you opt for full home staging, all areas and rooms of your home will be brought to life. In this blog, we’ll take you through some of the key areas a buyer will be influenced by and explain just how they can be transformed by home staging.

The entry to your home

One of the most crucial aspects to selling your home is its first impression on potential buyers. It’s an area that sets the tone for the rest of the house, and we consider it one of the most vital parts of home staging. Each home has its own unique characteristics – age, material, colour and more – that we enhance through our home staging services, so you can be sure to make a lasting first impression with a tone that suits the rest of your home.

Your living room

Your lounge or living room are particularly important when considering home staging. When a buyer looks at a property, they’ll be making note of the sought-after spaces: living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathroom. While the appeal of a bathroom or kitchen may depend on a bath, large stove, or other amenity, your living room is much simpler. A great living room will need to appear spacious and show that it can provide for enough seating for a group of people to sit comfortably

Master bedrooms

You might not think that sleep is a factor that can influence whether or not someone buys a home, but your master bedroom will play an important part in any sale. After all, the main bedroom of the house will be where your potential buyer is going to sleeping – it needs to look inviting, spacious and luxurious. An inviting space will draw people into the potential of the property and make it easier to see themselves living there.

Your outdoor area

Outdoor areas are important in spring and summer, when the great weather and sunshine encourage people to buy a house. HomeStaged has access to a warehouse full of furniture, accessories, and other home staging stock. Our team can enhance decks and patios with furniture, cushions, or a tray of drinks to help people visualise living in the home – and having their friends and family over to celebrate!

What can HomeStaged do for you?

If you’re looking for a home staging expert that also can provide services such as 3D walkthroughs in order to help you sell your home, HomeStaged has the experience and expertise you need. We also have our own truck – we don’t rely on moving companies, so you’ll receive lower prices and greater flexibility than other home staging companies. Get a free quote with Megan and Kylie and learn how we can encourage faster selling of your Wellington home today!