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3 misconceptions about full home staging

As home staging experts, we’re often surprised when we hear that some people don’t even know what home staging is or how it works! We’re incredibly passionate about home staging and the value it brings to our clients, which is why in this blog we’ll be going over three of the most common misconceptions people have around our home staging services in Wellington.

It takes a long time

While providing as much notice as possible ensures the best home staging result, some homeowners can feel deterred due to a perceived lack of time. In truth, the process shouldn’t require weeks of consulting and planning. In some cases, HomeStaged will be able to fully stage a house with very little notice – even within 24 to 48 hours for some jobs. It always pays to contact our team, no matter the timeframe.

We also have our own delivery truck, which means that we are independently reliable and able to stage your home on short notice.

It requires buying new furniture

If you’re selling your house, but don’t feel you own enough furniture to fully maximise the appeal of each space, there’s no reason to worry. Some homeowners might assume they will need to buy a range of unnecessary new furniture, however here at HomeStaged we have our own warehouse, full of furniture that’s available temporarily for your home. Our wide selection of home staging pieces allows our team to prepare a custom staging plan for every home – not just staging bedrooms and lounges, but also making sure any outdoor areas or entry ways look inviting to potential buyers.

It’s the same from home to home

Many people think home staging is a one-size-fits-all solution, where all that needs to be done is getting in a few clean couches – this is definitely not the case! At HomeStaged, we employ a custom approach to every house we visit, considering the characteristics that make it distinct and unique, and only choosing the furniture and staging pieces that suit it best. Unlike generic and forgettable home staging, our team strive to show buyers a home’s true potential, and the lifestyle it can offer them.

As the only home stagers in Wellington to offer both full and partial home staging, and a 3D walkthrough that allows potential buyers to connect with the home before they even step inside, the team at HomeStaged will be able to create an appealing, inviting version of your home that can help raise its sale price and encourage a quicker purchase! Contact HomeStaged today to find out more about our services, and how we can help you sell your home.